Reveal and ordering appointment

The day has come to finally see your beautiful images you have worked so hard to create! Watching my client's reactions is truly what keeps me motivated to keep photographing boudoir sessions.

At the end of your boudoir photo session we will schedule your reveal and ordering appointment. Appointments take place over Zoom or in my home in Middle Village, Queens. Here you will review your photos and decide on which images and products you would like to order. Appointments take place between Monday - Friday between 9am - 8pm as I try my best to stay flexible with timing for you to work around your work schedule.

At your reveal appointment you will not only see your images and/or boudoir video, but you will also have the opportunity to review available product options such as albums to assess their luxurious quality yourself.

Choosing Your Images

This will be the day you will be making your final decision pertaining to exactly which images you would like to keep, and which images you never want to see again. My goal is to make you fall in love with each photograph and more often than not, I am very successful. Unfortunately this leaves clients with a difficult decision as they try to narrow down their favorites...a good problem to have I would say.

Luckily, there is an add-on option in the a-la-carte menu which upgrades your collection to include all your images, so you end up only having to decide which ones make it into your album. I promise I will guide you through the entire process and make it fun and painless.

The Reveal

If you have pre-purchased The Blvck Fox collection, this means we filmed a boudoir video during your extended session. We will start the reveal by watching your boudoir video together on the big screen. If you have not, we will instead start with watching a slideshow of your images.

I will help guide you through your image selections using special software. This will allow us to pull up two or more images side by side for comparisons as well as put together your album design if your desired collection includes one.

If you are interested in wall art, you can provide one or more photos of wall spaces in your home where you envision hanging your framed, canvas, or metal prints and I will use the software to create a digital mock-up of your actual wall so you see how things will look once hung up, to scale.

Occasionally clients are quick to cross off an image as "unwanted" because they see something in themselves they do not like - in this case I will be able to tell you if this is something that can be helped with a bit of Photoshop or if perhaps a different image would work better in your album. More on Photoshop in the next section.

What is Photoshop?

Let's start with what Photoshop is not. Photoshop is not a tool to rely on to completely turn you into a person you are not. This amazing piece of software helps professional photographers eliminate distractions and enhance images to make them more pleasing to the eye of the viewer, however majority of this is done in-camera by use of posing, lighting, and camera settings.

Editing vs. retouching

While on the topic of Photoshop, it is important that you understand the difference between editing and retouching and know exactly what extent of "Photoshopping" is included as standard, and what would be billed as extensive retouching.

Editing takes care of primarily global adjustments of an image: exposure correction, contrast, color balance and saturation, etc. It also brightens or darkens certain parts of the image - for example brightening your face so it is the most eye-catching part of the photograph.

Minor Retouching is a more detailed and precise operation that would cover delicate skin smoothing, minor blemish removal (a couple of pimples, a few stray hairs, etc), and teeth whitening. As a general rule, I do not remove birth marks or scars unless specifically requested, but I might lighten their visibility so they do not distract from the main focus of the image which is usually your face.

Editing and Minor Retouching are both included with any image you choose to order at no additional fee.

Extensive Retouching includes taking care of larger blemishes such as bruises or considerable areas affected by acne, smoothing armpits, removing larger or more prominent stretch marks, neck lines, skin folds, more than 5-6 fly-away hairs per photo, or even body shape modification. We can also enhance some of your makeup, such as adding a smokey eye look or removing shine from your skin to some degree. This is why professional makeup can be so helpful as mentioned in Part I of this boudoir prep guide - it greatly reduces editing time and the possibility of you needing to add extensive retouching services to your order.

As I mentioned before, I am personally not a fan of the idea of completely changing what you look like or who you are in your images, but I do want to make sure you love your images and will be proud to showcase them to whomever you wish. For this reason I do offer extensive retouching as an add-on service which will be quoted on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of any requests you have and the amount of time that will be necessary to complete this more detailed level of retouching. Extensive retouching of a single image can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour or more depending on the request.

For an even more in-depth discussion about the different ways we use Photoshop and a comparison of editing vs. retouching, click here.

Placing Your Order

Once you have seen your images, I will present the available products to you which will allow you or your partner to enjoy the images to their fullest potential. In nearly all cases, clients purchase a 12"x8" album containing at least 15-20 images. This is the most popular option.

Prior to arriving at your reveal and ordering appointment, please carefully review the product and pricing guide so you are familiar with what options are available as well as the associated costs.

Your order payment will be due at this time and can be accepted in the form of credit card, cash, check, or Zelle™. Sales tax is collected on behalf of the government in addition to your order total.

Once your order is placed and your album design is finalized and approved, you will receive your products within 2-3 weeks. You can choose to schedule a pick-up once your item(s) arrive or it can be shipped directly to you. Complimentary shipping is included anywhere within the continental US, and available internationally for an additional fee. An online gallery of your purchased images will be published much sooner, typically within 1-2 days and become immediately available for download.

On the investment page, please do not overlook the section clarifying the difference between web vs. print resolution images and make sure you understand what type of resolution your chosen collection includes.

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