Why Boudoir?

Boudoir photography can be an intimidating niche to specialize in. I admit I initially lacked the confidence to pursue boudoir photography. Fortunately, confidence is something we can all achieve; it is a reward for overcoming our doubts and fears.

It is hard to say why exactly I fell in love with boudoir. My passion is multi faceted.

There is the element of providing a level of satisfaction to my clients. The kind that has the ability to shift a person's perception of themselves, their bodies, to a more positive one. I have been blessed with a skill that I can use to help others see how beautiful they are.

Making the client feel good. Seeing them fall in love with their own images. Watching their expressions go from shock and awe to a well deserved sense of pride in themselves. Knowing all this is thanks to the work I've created for them, with them. That is the most fulfilling reason, and honestly, that is enough for me.

Jakub Redziniak

“I must have looked through my images 100 times in the last two days. I am still so emotional. Thank you Jakub, for everything.”

the birth of Blvck Fox Studio

In 2010 I was a 17 year old high school senior. I used most of my savings to buy a new lens to use with my camera I was gifted a few birthdays before. Over the next few years I dabbled in photography and took on any side job that made me money using a camera.

When I graduated college in 2014 I decided to venture more seriously into wedding photography. I paid a couple I found on Craigslist to pose for me in their wedding attire to get my portfolio started. Beginnings were very humble as I learned the craft.

Over the following 5 years I photographed hundreds of weddings and engagement sessions. I captured couples in love in over a dozen countries around the world from the North and South Americas to Europe and Asia.

In 2019 the New York Wedding Awards recognized me as the Best Wedding Photographer in NYC, Runner Up. Among other awards and publications, this remains my proudest accomplishment to date.

Then 2020 happened and all momentum was lost. Events were shut down and I was stuck at home feeling hopeless, as I am sure many of us were.

I started thinking of what can I photograph that will bring me as much joy and fulfilment as weddings, but isn't so restricted by government mandates like indoor group gatherings were at the time.

The idea for Blvck Fox Studio was born and officially launched in October of 2021.