Hair + Make up

If you are having hair and/or makeup done on-location, whether that is in your home, hotel room, or studio, you will know exactly what time to be ready after having that conversation with your hair and makeup artist. This will depend on how extensive you would like your hair or makeup look to be, as different requests take a different amount of time. Let them know what time your session is scheduled for and they will tell you how much time is needed to complete your look.

If you are coming to your session with hair and makeup ready, it is crucial you schedule your earlier appointments with enough wiggle room to account for things running behind, being stuck in traffic, or finding parking in the area.

On arrival I will go over outfit choices with you so we can come up with a plan and order of photographing you in each one, as well as putting together any accessories you may have. Generally, I will recommend to start with the most conservative outfit first to give you time to warm up as you get more comfortable throughout the session.

Being on time

We will be scheduled to start at a specific time. When you book your session, I allocate the time needed to do your session in my calendar and I may have other sessions or responsibilities that day, so it is very important we start as timely as possible to make the most of your session time. Provided availability, I can grant a 15 minute complimentary grace period at the end of the session in the event we start late. Any additional time would need to be officially extended by adding this to your collection.

Sessions last either 1.5 hours for photography only, or 2.5 hours for photo + video. If you are reserving a location that is rented hourly, please reserve two hours to allow for 15-20 minutes of set up, changing, and our outfit discussion and then another 10 minutes at the end for changing again while I break down equipment.

Time to pose for the camera!

This is the exciting part! You will likely be nervous for the first few minutes and soon start to relax as you see how I guide you through every pose and idea that I have.

If there isn't music playing already, we will get that started as it helps tremendously to get you in the mood. If you would like to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne to help you loosen up even more between shots, please feel free.

As we start your session, I will literally get into feminine poses myself to demonstrate the ideas that I have. After you are done laughing at me it will be your turn! My style is extremely detail oriented. I will tell you exactly how to position your legs, point your toes, arch your back, bring your elbow in to your body, and so on and so forth. If I see something about your pose that can be corrected, I will make those suggestions before taking any photos.

There is not a single time throughout the session that I ever touch you to help with posing.

Other than showing you the poses myself, I will guide you in other ways - for example have your nose follow my finger to reposition your head, or give you specific instructions like "point your belly button towards that lamp" instead of just "turn your body left".

This session is all about you; if you have pose ideas then we're definitely shooting those! If you're like most clients, you are nervous about knowing exactly how to position your body to bring out your best attributes, which is what I am there to help you with! You can relax and breathe knowing that I will guide you through every little nuance of each pose.

The spectrum of conservative vs. risque

Some outfits and poses require a bit more bravery than others. Your comfort level and how much you are willing to push your limits will determine what we create. We will have a conversation surrounding this topic prior to your session and reiterate a few things at the start of the session. Most girls get more comfortable as the session progresses. Poses that might seem "too much" at the beginning will feel less awkward towards the end as you gain confidence and courage while we work together.

You can decide to wear booty shorts with your partner's oversized shirt or a cute wool sweater, or you can go completely nude - the decision is yours alone to make and there is no right or wrong way to go about this. The purpose of boudoir photography is not to show as much skin as possible but to create something intimate and sensual. Revealing parts of your body that you do not wish to is not necessary to achieve this effect. Whatever you choose to wear, the work we create will be tastefully done to present you in the most flattering and elegant way possible.

By the time your session starts, I will have an understanding of your boundaries and ideas you are dying to do, as well as poses you absolutely do not wish to even try. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, open communication between us is crucial.

The End Of The Session

As we begin to wrap up, I will walk you through the next steps that will follow and schedule your reveal and ordering appointment.

It will take about 1-2 weeks to edit your best images. If you are in a rush to deliver your images as a gift and have a deadline, please let me know. Depending on the current workload, an expedited service may be available for an additional fee depending on the necessary turnaround time.

Once the images are edited, we will schedule your reveal and ordering session. To read more about this appointment, please click here.

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