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Kat's Review


I had an amazing time shooting with Jakub! I was attracted to his work because of his style. He really understands how to get a particular look across both physically and mentally. I was worried about posing, but he did a great job showing me how to by posing himself. Honestly I haven’t taken much photos of myself for a while as I was self conscious about the way I looked, and I was even more anxious if the pictures would highlight anything I was self conscious about, but he did a great job guiding me in the right direction and assuring me. I genuinely believe he wanted “the perfect shot” as much as I did.

I am absolutely in love with how the photos turned out! I feel so much more confident and honestly never thought I had the capabilities to look like that! I’m actually using one of the photos as my lock screen! It’s really profound that something like this can positively change your perspective on yourself. I’ll be walking around with my head up high for a while!

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